NDC 2014: SOLID CSS/JavaScript & Bower talks

This year I got invited back to Norway to speak at NDC Oslo 2014! It was one amazing event and if you ever get the chance to go, it truly is a one of a kind event.

Last year I got to speak about Glimpse, but this time round I got to share some of the lessons learnt out of developing the Glimpse client.

Amazingly, the organisers of NDC have already got the videos up and you can see my sessions down below:

Front End Design Patterns: SOLID CSS + JS for Backend Developers

As backend developers, we spent years perfecting and implementing the various patterns we use. These patterns allow us to exploit previous pain and experience, resulting in improved robustness of our code and increased efficiency of the coding process. At the same time we are finding it harder and harder to avoid working in the browser, and making unique and compelling end user experiences. With the experience we now have with client, similar benefits of using design patterns can be gained here.

Join Anthony van der Hoorn, as we look at what design patterns exist on the client and how we can use them. Once you know what patterns are at your disposal, you will start writing better code, that’s more maintainable and easier to read.


Beyond NuGet: Front End Package Management with Bower

Package managers are becoming a way of life. For years now we have been using NuGet and have gained significant benefits within our applications and development process. That said, most of these benefits have trended towards server side improvements, rather than client side ones. Even though client focused packages do exist NuGet, they have never really been at home.

Join me as we look at what solutions have taken off in the front end development community for package management. We will be looking closely at Bower, NPM and more. We will see how these can be used within our existing .Net projects and what the differences are between NuGet and these other options.


If you have any feedback or would like to ask any questions, feel free to reach out! Hope you enjoy.

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