Now working on Glimpse full time!

As some of you may have noticed, Nik (@nikmd23) and I have been working pretty hard on Glimpse lately. We have been able to put in loads of hours and have just about finished v1. As always, the community has been a huge help and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

For Nik and I, working on Glimpse has always been a passion and something that we have only just managed to fit into our spare time. Our vision and purpose has always been driven by trying to building great tools for developers, and make understanding your application easier. Many have “questioned” our sanity around making Glimpse free and Open Source – but we firmly believe in Open Source, are proud that we share our code and are trying to deliver what we believe should be in every ASP.NET developer’s tool box.

It turns out we are not the only ones who believe this. Recently we were contacted by Red Gate to see if we wanted to work on Glimpse full time. At first we weren’t 100% sure what this meant, and truth be told we were even a tad concerned about what this could mean given past events. However, after talking with the people at Red Gate, it is clear that they want to be able to give back to the community and support .NET Open Source.

After discussing in depth, it became exceptionally clear that they want to fully support Glimpse as much as they can. In practice this means that they will be paying Nik and I indefinitely to work on Glimpse full time! Talk about living the dream. On top of this, Nik and I still retain control over Glimpse. It also means that we will have the time and ability to speak about Glimpse and Open Source at various conferences and really see that Glimpse turns into what Nik and I had always hoped it would be. Lastly the licencing of Glimpse will stay the same and not change – unless the community decides that we need an even more liberal license than the Apache 2.0. This also means that we will be able to deliver more releases with more features and reliability more often.

Our collective vision for the future is that Glimpse will continue to evolve as a platform and that developers will be able to continue to use Glimpse in their day to day work. We want to see Glimpse evolve in a direction that gives the most we can to the community and becomes something that the community is proud to own. Longer term, we would like to see Glimpse run by the community itself (thinking jQuery style of ownership and management), and the circle of decision makers to grow beyond just us.

More specifically, in terms of upcoming releases and features, we believe firmly on shipping code and not just talking. But what I can say for sure is that v1 is very close to being ready and we have a list of ideas that we have waiting in the wings. We would love your feedback on our ideas and would love to add even more to the list. If you would like to pitch in to make more happen more quickly, feel free to ping us about getting a feature going and helping out.

I believe that this is an great time to be a part of the .NET Open Source community. Collaborations like this are happening more and more, and companies are starting to put serious meat and not just words behind our (the community’s) efforts.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out – on twitter (@anthony_vdh) or on the mailing list. Also for the official Glimpse announcement, see out blog post here –


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  1. Hey that’s pretty cool news. Congrats!

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